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Announcing--New Hydrovac Service

All Around Roustabout is excited to announce our newest capability, hydroexcavating. We use Vactor HXX model hydrovac trucks as a much safer alternative for water excavation, especially in high risk areas. Using these machines for the new ways of excavating are the perfect solution because they are non-destructive for utility and municipal applications, and improve overall productivity and efficiency in the oil and natural gas fields.

Some of the Vactor HXX hydrovac services include:

  • potholing
  • key hole repairs
  • water excavation
  • precise excavation
  • slot trenching
  • water valve box repair or utility and line locating
  • visually locating underground utilities in tight spaces
  • HDD drilling mud recovery
  • pit and tank cleaning


All Around Roustabout is committed to responding to any and all oilfield roustabout needs with reliability and immediacy, demonstrating our proficiency in the oil and natural gas sector by providing trusted services and ensuring safety is always first. Hydroexcavation is a necessity in the oil and natural gas industry, so we make sure that we comply undoubtedly to our duty and dedication to be safe when operating the hydrovacs.

We have chosen to use hydrovacs as a safer alternative than hydroexcavating methods that were used in the past because they can avoid:

  • serious injury or death to workers and the public
  • "hits" or "strikes" on underground utility lines, cables, and pipes
  • high costs to repair damaged infastructure
  • costs and inconvenience of interrupted utility services
  • liabilithy and increased insurance costs
  • loss of a company's reputation, revenues, and employees' morale

Contact us at All Around Roustabout for your hydroexcavation needs, and we will be sure to complete the job in the safest way we know how. 

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